Daniel Murphy Criticized for Time Off


Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy made the decision to miss the first two games of the 2014 season for the birth of his first child. Is that a bad thing?

When word reached Murphy that his son was coming soon, he left New York for Florida at 11:30 pm and arrived in time to see the birth of his 8-pound, 2-ounce son Noah at 12:02.

The Mets season opener against the Washington Nationals was the same day at 1. Then the Mets had Tuesday off until picking up the series on Wednesday. Murphy decided to stay with his family in Florida through Wednesday being placed on paternity leave, and then returned to the team on Thursday.

The New York sports radio scene blew up over this. “You’re a Major League Baseball player. You can hire a nurse,” said Mike Francesa

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WR DeSean Jackson Released from the Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles just cut a 27 year old wide receiver that had a career high year last year with 82 receptions, 1,332 yards, and 9 touchdowns.

After a few weeks of tension building up between DeSean Jackson and the Eagles organization about a restructuring of the wide DeSean Jackson Stats 2013receiver’s contract, the team finally decided to release him after careful consideration.”
DeSean Jackson was looking for a $48.5 million for just 2 years. That is not the only thing that pushed him out of Philly. Jackson was the focus of a NJ.com article claiming that he was associated in a Los Angeles street gang that was connected to two homicides in 2010.

The Eagles just sent one of their best players into the free agency pool. Jackson is not one that many teams will pass up the opportunity to pick up despite the reported gang connection.

There is no way he stays unemployed for long. He is 27 years old, has never been arrested, and great on special teams. Most teams could possibly get him for even get him for maybe less than $10 million a year.

Right now the leading in the quest to pick up the new hot free agent is San Francisco, Seattle, NY Jets, and possibly even Oakland.

The Eagles and DeSean Jackson, with a little help of NJ.com, made the NFL free agency a little more interesting.

The Union

The National Labor Relations Board ruled Wednesday that the Northwestern University football players can unionize. This is a ruling that will make massive waves in college sports. This ruling makes the football ball players at Northwestern University employees of the university under federal law, creating the first college athlete’s union. The lead of the unionization of  college football was former Wildcats quarterback Kain Colter, with the help of  the United Steelworkers Union.

This is a huge leap forward in the college football world for those like me that believe that the college athletes deserve the right to earn money from playing their respective sport. The athletes that head the formation of the union say they are looking to receive better medical coverage, concussion testing, four-year scholarships, and are exploring the possibility of getting paid. It’s about time!

Northwestern University released a statement Wednesday saying that they will be filing an appeal saying that the players are students, not employees, but the government now does.

This is a huge move forward in college sports. This does not necessarily mean that players will get paid to play, but this does mean the players will finally have a say in new rules and regulations that are made by the NCAA much like how the NFL players use the NFLPA to have a say in rules made by the NFL.

It will be interesting how this plays out. Northwestern players will have to vote on seeing if the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA) will be created but for the most part there is no doubt it will pass.  This will revolutionize college sports in the way it is perceived in the entertainment industry.


Let The Madness Begin

The first day of the second round and there was definitively madness. 4 overtime games (most in a single day in tournament history) and almost an upset by a 16 seed.

The day started off with an incredible finish with Dayton pulled it out over Ohio State. Aaron Craft, after an outstanding college career, could not extend their season another game. With 16 points, Craft threw up a buzzer beating shot that just bounced out. That started off the slate of games today and the rest didn’t disappoint.

The Pitt Panthers played their best defensive game all season against Colorado and blew out the Buffaloes 77-48. There defense couldn’t have gotten any better and on offense they couldn’t be stopped. Although 16 of  Talib Zanna’s 18 points came in the first half, they didn’t need a whole lot of offensive help at that point.

Harvard was able to win there second ever tournament win over the Cincinnati Bearcats for the upset. Cincinnati is eliminated once again in the round of 64 for the second straight year, and Sean Kilpatrick’s high scoring game lacked a little at the end of the game. The Crimson get to play Michigan State in the round of 32.

A 16 seed has never beat a 1 seed, but Albany came so close once again. Florida and Albany exchanged the lead multiple time  but after the half they couldn’t keep up with Florida with their lack of depth. Florida pulled away a game that should have been an easy win.

UConn and St Joseph went at it and St Joseph was in command the whole game and UConn struggled to hang on but then when it counted they pulled back to send it to overtime where they pulled off the win.

Saint Louis was down by 16 with 8 minutes left in the game to NC State and it looked like it could be over but then they went on a run and just like that it was tied. Atlantic 10 player of the year Jordair Jett started a little slow but he led the come back in the last 5 minuets of regulation and the win.

Texas hit a buzzer beater to win over Arizona State, Oklahoma failed to overcome 12th seeded North Dakota State in overtime and Villanova was cutting it close.

Now that is madness!

Kevin’s Bracket

2014 Kevin's Backet

It’s always a difficult chore picking the bracket that you think will win all the money. I make about 13 this year because I am really struggling in picking the right amount of upsets. But I’m confident in my final decision (at least I should be to win $1 billion).

South Regional

Casey Prather and the Gators are not afraid of a strong south region.

The south is the hardest region, no doubt about it. Florida has the best defense in my opinion. They out rebound most of their opponents, and continually get second chance points off of offensive rebounds. That alone should push them ahead of the rest in the region until they face a very good Michigan State team in the final four.

Pittsburgh has a very poor half-court defense. They look more for offensive opportunities and capitalize on them. unfortunately for them they got placed in the south and have to play Florida in the round of 32. If they were placed in the east, I would give them the upset over Virginia.

UCLA is very good at scoring averaging 81.8 points per game in a scheduled that isn’t all that easy. They can put up a legitimate chance on taking down the Gators but with their lack of offensive rebounding, they will come up short.

Syracuse has also looked very inconsistent lately. They started 25-0 but then after a loss to Boston College they have been struggling to get back to that dominance.  Jerami Grant was hurt during that time though and now that he is back and has 2 games back under his bet he will be able to dominate the offensive glass and put up the points to complement Tyler Ennis and CJ Fair. This team may look good to make a deep run but Florida may be a little to much for them.
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Ron Cortes/Philly.com Staff Photographer

This seams to be a subject on everyone’s mind. Tune into ESPN or NBA Network and all you hear about is tanking in the NBA. What is stirring up these conversations? My Philadelphia 76ers. They have been doing everything they can to throw their season down the drain. At this point they don’t care what their fans think, and at this point their fans can, for the most part, agree with the decision. There has also been a strong negative feeling toward tanking in the NBA. Is it really that bad though?

Perfecting Tanking

The 76ers haven’t just tried to lose, they have done everything they possibly can to eliminate every chance they have at winning. There is a very good chance of them losing every game until the end of the season. They are already on a 15 game losing streak and at this rate they are looking at finishing that streak at 36-games (in other words, always pick against them in ESPN Streak for the Cash).

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‘My Job Is Very, Very Different From Your Job’

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Originally posted on The MMQB with Peter King:

By Connor Barwin
Philadelphia Eagles

I get asked a lot about “locker room culture” these days. Ever since the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito bullying situation and the recent coming out of Michael Sam, it seems the media has become fascinated with understanding the inner workings of an NFL team. I’ve seen countless articles discussing how bullying or homosexuality is dealt with in an office setting and others comparing our workplace with the traditional American workplace. But let’s get something straight: My job is very, very different from your job.

While most of my friends and family have been climbing up the corporate ladder or grinding through medical school, I have had the distinct pleasure to set up office on a folding chair at One NovaCare Way, in the Eagles’ complex in South Philadelphia for the past year. Prior to that I was employed by the Houston Texans, and before that I…

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