Are you looking to join The Backfield Press team? Well you came to the right place.

What kind of writers are we looking for?

We are looking for a lot of different writers. We are looking for professional writers that will cover news stories as they develop, we are also looking for long-form journalist who can write more editorial style pieces, or any kind of author in between. We are looking for great content that will attract more and more readers everyday.

Writers aren’t all we are looking for, if you are interested in making videos, using our online radio channel to host your own show, run social medals accounts and any kind of media we are open to consider integrating it with our site.

We ask our authors to write frequently with a minimum of 3 articles a month. This is subject to change.

Unfortunately we do not offer our full time authors pay due to the fact that the site does not currently generate revenue. We do however occasionally hold contests where our authors can win prizes.

Your application will be sent to an administrator and no information will be shared with anyone. During communications with an administrator you will be asked for a writing sample, that can include a link to a previously published article if available.

Players and coaches shown have no affiliation with The Backfield Press