Redefining Sports

Over the past few days I’ve begun to notice that sports networks (NFL, ESPN, etc.) are just like watching any 24 hour news channel. It has become all about crimes, social issues and things that were never talked about on sports networks.  They have so much time to fill and so little new news to report. There was a time when sports were just that, sports, a form of entertainment.

But as we all know, money has taken such a hold of professional, and now college sports, that it is no longer ‘sport’. With money comes more problems, greed, social issues and corruption. The issues that are facing the NFL have been issues facing society all along, we just now have over paid kids that we can put a face to the issues and now be the poster child of these problems.  Yes, the issues are real and need to addressed but how have we as a society gotten so far way from ‘sport’, a form of entertainment?

I blame us, the fans!  We live by it, worship it,  pay the outrageous prices for tickets and jerseys and contribute to the television ratings that drive up endorsement and television revenues. With more money just come more and bigger problems. Let’s hope the latest incidents facing the NFL can lead to some good and help stop violence against women and children. I hope someday I can sit down and watch a ‘sporting’ event again and enjoy it for the entertainment  value and escape, just for a few hours, the reality of what’s happening in the world. Perhaps that escape can now only be found at my sons high school football games on Friday nights.

As I finish writing this a headline ran across my screen; Florida State suspends QB Jameis Winston for first half against Clemson for shouting a phrase including profane and sexual content in public. My point exactly!

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(Photo: Melina Vastola – USA TODAY Sports)

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