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Kansas City Answers In a Big Way In Game 2

After the Royals’ first postseason loss since 1985, things looked a little grim in Kansas City and maybe, just maybe, their miracle was coming to an end. Then they came back and answered in a big way with a 7-2 win in game 2.

The Giants sent the opening at-bat into the outfield bleachers to get off to a quick 1-0 lead but that didn’t last long as Kansas City started off hot as well and added to it with a huge five run sixth inning. The Giants weren’t quite able to show any answers to the short-ball game.

It doesn’t make things easier to stop the short-ball when Omar Infante hits a home-run off of Hunter Strickland, the Giants’ 4th pitcher of the game. They even had to pull out Tim Lincecum to make sure things didn’t get to out of hand for them after a long 6th inning, and then had to get called off the mound after seemingly injuring something on his lower half of his body.

A lot of questions are raised about if the Giants will be able to contain the Royals and slow them down again as the series moves to the Bay Area. What Giants team will show up at home?

The Giants could be looking at a big hole after tonight, and they have to stop digging now before it is too late to climb back out. This win for the Royals will only boost their confidence. Sure this Giants team has been in the series before but experience can only get you so far against this talented Royals team.

This World Series can get out of had for San Francisco quickly and the Royals can start to get back into the rhythm they have been in for a while.

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