Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics, Game 4

Is Lebron’s Ego Getting in the Way?

Lebron James’ return back to Cleveland hit a little bump in the road now with a record of 1-3 to start the season and their last loss coming from a buzzer beating shot against the Jazz.

Before Lebron took the court for the Cavs this season he delivered an incredibly cocky pregame pep talk to the team about how this game was going to be one of the biggest sporting events because of him.

Then went on to lose that game to the Knicks 95-90. James had 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 0 steals. In a game against Portland the Cavs lost 101-82, and Lebron had 11 points, and 7 assists. He also didn’t score once in the second half.

Lebron said it himself, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and it is clearly isn’t time to start hitting the panic button after 4 games but it is something to look at. It isn’t like he just couldn’t get a bucket to fall against Portland, Lebron gave up on the game when he didn’t get the ball, he stood in the corner and he watched the offense.

On a team with the young talent of Kyrie Irving,  and Dion Waiter there was bound to be some growing pains but Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving are young selfish players. Kyrie might get it and have to change his game but Waiters has a hard time accepting that he is the 5th best player on the team and if he can’t except that then he will be run out-of-town real soon. Lebron is right about being selfish on a team of stars like this, the big 3 in Miami had the same problems but Lebron should know better.

Like I said before it is a little early to hit the panic button and I don’t think you will have to hit the panic button until Christmas. Mike Greenberg made the point the other day on ESPNs Mike and Mike that Lebron might just be sitting back and letting the team do what they want, and when they get to that Christmas game in Miami and they hit the panic button, he will step in and say ok let’s do things my way now.

That is interesting to me but I think Lebron needs to get out of his own way and just play basketball. If he doesn’t get the ball just adapt and play, that is what good players do, they adapt.

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