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My Midseason NFL Awards

NFL Midseason Awards already? Can this season just slow down for a few weeks? Anyway, here are my award winners, along with second place.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Sammy Watkins-Watkins has 590 yards and five touchdowns this year, which is one yard more than Kelvin Benjamin. But why does Watkins get my OROTY vote? Look at the QBs throwing to these two. EJ Manuel/Kyle Orton in Buffalo compared to Cam Newton in Carolina? Watkins is making more of a bad situation. Plus, Watkins doesn’t have a Pro Bowl tight end hacking into his passing totals (cough, cough…Greg Olsen).

Second Place: Kelvin Benjamin

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Khalil Mack-I knew this kid would be good. He’s shutting down runs in a horrid situation down in Oakland. He could have a very bright future ahead of him.

Second Place: C.J. Mosley

Offensive Player of the Year: Demarco Murray- Is there anyone else who deserves this award? The man is doing it all down in Dallas, and he has America saying, “How bout dem Cowboys?!” once again. IF (!) he stays healthy, he could break some records.

Second Place: (Tie) Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning

Defensive Player of the Year: JJ Watt-Is there any contest? Really? Watt is a one man wrecking crew. I wouldn’t be surprised if he received a few MVP votes as well.

Second Place: JJ Watt. Why? Because he’s just that good this year. Joking aside, Patrick Peterson gets my second place vote.

MVP: Peyton Manning-Don’t start the “oh that’s just bias” arguments. Is it true I love Peyton Manning? Yes. But I mean come on, he has been good ALL YEAR. Oh, and didn’t he break some passing record? I can’t seem to remember. People are saying that Tom Brady deserves MVP. While I agree that Brady is a good player, weren’t we all casting him out a few weeks ago, saying, “The old man’s lost his touch.”? I know some of you were so don’t act all innocent. Brady may have beaten Peyton this year, but Peyton is a) terrible in the snow and b) passed for 438 yards compared to Brady’s 333.

Second Place: Tom Brady- Like I said, he’s a great player.

Third Place: Andrew Luck- This kid’s got quite an arm. He will lead the Colts to a title one day. Mark my words.

Fourth Place: JJ Watt- To awesome to not be mentioned.

Coach of the Year: Bruce Arian- Again, no contest. He has taken the Cardinals and made them a powerhouse (yes, I said powerhouse). Could they be Super Bowl threats? We will have to wait and see. But for now, let’s marvel in their greatness.

Second Place: Jason Garrett-He has one of the worst jobs in America…Jerry Jones’ lackee. And the Cowboys look good. That’s worth a strong pat on the back.

My Surprise of the Year: See “Coach of the Year” above.

Second Place: All these NFL Players and their suspensions.

My Revised Championship, Super Bowl Picks:

At the beginning of the year, I had the Broncos and the Bengals in the AFC Championship, and the Seahawks vs. the Packers in the NFC. That changed.

AFC Championship: Broncos over Colts: Yupp. Peyton will have to beat his old team to get to the promised land. Where’s the Patriots you might be asking? Crying in New England because Andrew Luck came in and stomped them.

NFC Championship: Cardinals over Packers: This may just be the “want this to happen” talking over the “what will actually happen”, but I have a good feeling about the Cardinals. With Larry Fitzgerald and an incredible defense, look for the Cardinals to shock the nation!

Super Bowl: Broncos 37, Cardinals 27- The Cardinals couldn’t stop Peyton and Company in Week 5, and they won’t do it in the Super Bowl either. Manning will redeem himself from last year. However, in the process, the Cardinals grow closer as a team, and become a team that no one will want to mess with for years to come.

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