A Rondo trade must be the works.

Ten NBA Trades that NEED To Happen

We’re going into the NBA season at full force now, and, after watching a lot of the games take place, I feel compelled to pick a few teams that need to trade some of their players. Some of these trades may make you say, “Never would that happen”, while others are definitely possible.

Note: I’m not listing these in order of importance or likeliness.

10.  Kenneth Faried to the Heat

Why it would work: No one is questioning Chris Bosh’s ability (he’s leading the Heat in points and rebounds). However, sticking Bosh at Center and having the “Manimal” post up down low is scary, especially with a healthy D-Wade and Shabazz Napier (who I feel is very underrated).

9. Andre Iguodala to the Hawks

Why it would work: Iguodala’s role in GS is slowly vanishing with Harrison Barnes getting better. Sending Iguodala to Atlanta would give you somewhat of a big three with Horford, Iguodala, and Teague.

8. Paul Pierce to the Celtics

Why it would work: Read any history book. Paul Pierce had a Hall-of-Fame worthy career at Boston. Sending him back may keep Rondo, and Pierce could teach the young kids some things.

7. Deandre Jordan to the Warriors

Why it would work: Jordan could bring some power down low. Don’t get me wrong, I love Andrew Bogut. However, he’s so injury prone, it’s time he take a Manu Ginobili type of style: come in as a strong sixth man, and have six players that will lead your team to a championship.

6. Blake Griffin to the Rockets

Why it would work: Griffin’s time in LA is running low in my opinion. We all love his dunks, but he doesn’t have the team around him to go anywhere. However, in Houston with Harden at SG, Blake at PF, and Howard at C, watch out.

5. Josh Smith to the Clippers

Why it would work: Smith in Detroit isn’t working. If the Clippers can keep Blake and Deandre, imagine this starting five: Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, Josh Smith, Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan.

4. Russell Westbrook to the Bulls

Why it would work: Everyone knows that Westbrook is more of a scoring point guard. Simply move him to shooting guard. D-Rose, Westbrook, Noah, and Gasol. That is a championship team.

3. Anthony Davis to the Lakers

Why it would work: Kobe is getting old, so it’s time he rebuilt the franchise. Where better to start than with Anthony Davis, the 7 foot, unibrow-having, Kentucky star. Julius Randle and Anthony Davis down low is something UK fans would be drooling over.

2. Rajon Rondo to the Lakers

Why it would work: Piece #3 to the Lakers puzzle after Kobe leaves. I feel it’s only a matter of time before this happens. Rondo doesn’t wanna be in Boston, so why not head to the West Coast? Rondo, Kobe, Randle, Boozer, and potentially Davis? Championships may return to LA.

1. Kevin Durant to the Wizards

Why it would work: The big one. If KD goes back home, the Wizards will be considered championship favorites every year. John Wall and Bradley Beal are young stars. Nene is an underrated power forward, and Marcin Gortat and Kris Humphries prove to be two strong centers. Slide Durant into that equation? THAT is a scary team.

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