Would Kentucky “definitely” beat the Sixers?

Recently, Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe made an appearance on Sirius XM Radio and was asked how the Kentucky Wildcats and Philadelphia 76ers, currently 0-10, would do in a best-of-seven series against one another. Without hesitation or a stutter, Bledsoe said “I’ll definitely take Kentucky, I think Philly would probably get maybe one game.” It should be noted that Bledsoe played college ball at Kentucky. So, either Bledsoe is a true alumni, hates the Sixers, or just speaks his mind clearly (probably the first). This is a pretty broad statement by Bledsoe, given Kentucky Wildcats coach, John Calipari, said the Wildcats would be slaughtered by any NBA team.

When Bledsoe said this comment, being a Sixers fan, I was pretty upset. My first reaction was “When Bledsoe leads his team to a playoff series, then he can talk.” Tony Wroten, Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard, responded to Bledsoe’s comment, calling him “crazy”. But when further analyzing the possible series, the Sixers would easily handle the Wildcats for multiple reasons.

One: Talent
Yes, the Wildcats may be the number one team in the college basketball nations and have the best players, IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL, not the NBA. People have been trying to say “Look at the numbers! You see the Wildcats outplay the Sixers at every position. Remember, Kentucky plays in college basketball, against other college players, who will never see the light of the NBA. The Sixers have some pretty good scrubs and some never-to-be superstars.And remember, even the scrubs of the NBA were stars, to some extent, in the NCAA. Also, the stars of Kentucky are products of the college system, not as balanced as NBA squads So, the Sixers would be able to match up and exceed the Wildcats, talent wise.

Two: Experience
While the Sixers may be a young squad, they’ve played in college and a little bit in the NBA, unlike Kentucky. On the Wildcats squad, only five players are juniors or seniors, and the other 11 are either freshmen or sophomores. Most of the Wildcats players have not played with each other, so they would be at a slight disadvantage there.

Three: Pace of Game
In the NBA, the games are fast moving and intense. Players are always running on transition, even the centers. There is no cool down in the game, you run, even if you are on the center. In college, the games are not as fast paced and usually are over, in about 85% of the games by the final five minutes. College players don’t always hustle, so the Sixers would beat them in the transition.

Need me to do more? Didn’t think so. While the Sixers may not have a single win, they would still be able to beat Kentucky in seven game series. I’m not saying the Sixers would beat the Wildcats every single game, but the Sixers would easily win in five.

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