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Duke Hits a Major Road Bump

The Duke Blue Devils were undefeated and looked like the only team in the country that would be able to beat the impressive Kentucky Wildcats. That is until they ran across North Carolina State and Miami.

Losing by 12 in Raleigh is forgivable but then two days later they returned home to get blown out by Miami 90-74. When does that ever happen? It certainly doesn’t help that they hit the road for #6 Louisville on Saturday and continue a stretch of games where they will face St. John’s, #12 Notre Dame, and #2 Virginia.

On the contrary, they have an opportunity to build a great tournament resume and if they are able to take advantage of the coming games they could be a shoo-in for a top spot in March.

As for the other top teams, Kentucky looks to be a guaranteed one-seed with their beat ups on other ranked opponents, and Villanova and Gonzaga are the only one-lose teams left in the country. Virginia and Kentucky are the only unbeaten teams left but UVA doesn’t have the easiest schedule ahead with Duke and Louisville coming into town. These may be the top seeds now but in the world of college basketball it can all change overnight.

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