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Spring Training Preview

Game 7 of the World Series seems to be a lot further in the past then 3 and a half months but as winter storm after winter storm roll in, teams begin reporting to spring training to start preparing for the 2015 MLB season. Put down your shovel and get ready for baseball. So lets see what is in store for the 2015 season, the new commish’s early impact, and A-rod’s return.

1: World Series Transactions

It is difficult to say the Giants and Royals are better teams after the offseason moves made by both teams. Pablo Sandoval and Michael Morse said goodbye to San Francisco and the Royals waved goodbye to James Shields, Billy Butler and Norichika Aoki. The Royals added Edinson Volquez and Kendrys Morales to fill the void left by Shields and Butler but is it enough? Only time will tell but to me it doesn’t seem feasible. Sandoval is not the easiest to replace and Casey McGehee may not be the answer they were looking for. The world champions may have some work to do.

2: What is happening in San Diego and Chicago?

For two teams that may not have been the worst in baseball, they were definitely not good. But this year could be the year all that changes.

San Diego Padres

The Padres have gone from one of the most irrelevant teams to one of the most relevant over night. With the addition of shiny new gem, James Shields, San Diego looks to make a serious contention in the AL. Pitching in Petco could make a big improvement in Shields production. The team has turned over its entire Opening Day lineup from last year. The biggest question is how the pieces fit together and we will see in the coming weeks.

Chicago Cubs

According to Marty McFly in “Back to the Future Part II” the Cubs will be the World Series Champions in 2015. That didn’t seem very likely as they have lost more games in the last five years than any other National League team. That was all before  Jon Lester, Jason Hammel, Miguel Montero, Dexter Fowler and David Ross all stepped off the bus in the windy city. This team will be in the center of attention this spring as everyone will be interested in how they will pan out.

 3: Rob Manfred’s early start

With a little under a month into his reign as commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred has made waves that have been quite popular in the eye of the public. He is well on his way to making his vision of baseball a reality. Changes like a pitch clock being tested in minor league games and shrinking the strike zone could be a implemented into the major leagues as early as 2016. He has also come out and said he would back legalizing gambling, opening the possibility that Pete Rose will be reinstated to the MLB and put on a Hall of Fame ballet and be put where he belongs.

 4: Alex Rodriguez returns

After a chaotic series of events, a 211-game suspension, and an unhappy New York Yankees organization. A-Rod will probably draw a few extra cameras to Yankees camp this spring. A-Rod wrote a letter apologizing to the fans that the Yankees were not to happy about. Hard feelings aside, the real question is whether or not he is ready for a major league game. He has played 44 big league games in the last 2 years. Is he really in the condition to perform on the field? that is a good question seeing that the Yankees owe him $22 million this year, and $21 million the next two years.

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