K-State Court Storming 2_23_2015

Storming the Court

The tradition of storming the court after a big win continues but some people think it is time to stop.

After a win over No.9 Kansas, Kansas State fans stormed the court in celebration. Unfortunately there are few instances on the court that has caused the media to question if it is time to ban court storming before someone gets seriously hurt.

First off, storming the court was well justified. It’s a rivalry game, instate teams, and a top 10 upset. There was justification for storming the court.

Kansas coach Bill Self was shoved between the scores table and the mob of Wildcats fans. Kansas forward Jamari Traylor was targeted by a fan from across the court and ran and hipchecked.

After the game Self talked about the storming the court, “”I wasn’t nervous for me. There were several students that hit our players. I’m not saying like with a fist, but when you storm the court, you run in, you bump everybody, stuff like that. This has got to stop.”

He also said that he had no problem with storming the court but he was disappointed when fans targeted his players.

Last night was an unfortunate case of the security not doing their job. When you watch the video, the bright green shirts show up  well after the majority of the fans are already on the court and they.

Storming the court is fun for the winning team and the fans but as a player of the losing team, it has to be scary. If you are a little claustrophobic and having a mob of yelling fans running at you, it has to be scary.

Eventually a fan is going to run at the wrong player and he might turn and throw a punch and frankly I wouldn’t blame him. But if it gets to that point then that means that once again the security didn’t provide a safe way for the losing team to leave the court.

Maybe the best way to do that is to bypass the hand shakes and have the visiting team go straight to the locker room. Teams understand that it is OK not to shake hands, and I think that if it obvious the fans are coming on the court, turn around and head to the locker room because nothing good will come out of mixing around with the fans.

The opposing argument is that the fans and the college students at the game have no right to be on the court and someone will get hurt.

Plenty of coaches have voiced their opinions about court storming and those who have are against it. That being said, they are almost always coaches who are on the losing end of the game.

The SEC is the only conference that has a ban on court storming and any violations result in a sizable fine. Other conferences may fallow suit as more and more occurrences cause more controversy.

There will never be a solution because even with the SEC’s ban it still occasionally happens. So at the end of the day it all comes down to having a sufficient security staff.

Photo by Orlin Wagner / AP

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