2015 MLB Storylines

The Major League Baseball season starts soon and here are three storylines for 2015:

1. Is this next year?
The Cubs are loaded with young talent and that has fans of the North Side fired up. With new skipper Joe Madden at the helm and ace Jon Lester jumping on board, I’m even excited to watch this club.
Kris Bryant is getting all the attention this spring, as he should, but he just got demoted to AAA for the first month of the season. Bryant hit 9 home runs this spring and made it look easy. He is a third baseman but is working out in left field as well. The Cubs have other lesser known young studs such as Jorge Soler, Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro, those are just the guys in the big leagues. Javy Baez and Addison Russell are waiting in the wings down on the farm.
The Cubs are a longshot to win the World Series this year but a playoff berth with this group of young talent would signal possibly great things to come down the road for the Cubs. It’ll be fun to watch.

2. Will the game speed up?
Major League Baseball is going to try and enforce some new rules this year to try and speed up the game. The batter must have at least one foot in the batter’s box at all times unless he swings and misses. The pitcher must be ready to go as soon as the commercial break ends. Managers must challenge a call from the dugout. So, no more running out to argue(stall) with the home plate ump while the hitting coach goes to the clubhouse to see the review.
I think these small adjustments will speed up the game a bit, all while nobody will really notice any change. As long as Major League Baseball doesn’t change anything about the game itself, trying to speed up the game, I’m fine with it.
Baseball is the greatest sport in the world, don’t mess it up like the Roger Goodell is doing to the NFL.

3. Wild Open Races.
This season is wide open and there should be great races in each division for the title. The Red Sox and Nationals are popular picks to win the World Series but several other team are capable as well(Angels, Pirates, Dodgers, Tigers, Mariners, Royals, Blue Jays) just to name a few!
The addition of the second Wild Card spot has really changed how teams look at the season. Teams who would’ve been making golf plans for the off-season in July are now extending their rent houses through October. The chance to play in the Wild Card game for a spot in the playoffs has GM’s holding onto veterans and prospects more and more at the trade deadline. Even if your team is 10 games back of the first Wild Card spot, you may only be a few games back of the 2nd Wild Card spot. All you need is a shot to make a run in the playoffs, just ask the Kansas City Royals.

Enjoy the season everyone!

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