Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards

King of NBA Vines

Stephen Curry is making highlights and breaking ankles in the race for the MVP. Curry has become the NBA’s most Vine-worthy star according to

Curry has led his Warriors to the teams first division title since the 1975-76. They have a chance to win their 59th game over the Memphis Grizzlies to tie their franchise record for wins in a season.

Curry has recorded his 79th career game with at least five 3-pointers in a win over Portland  back on March 24th. Curry has proven that he has the numbers and has made the impact that an MVP needs, all this while doing it in style. Here are some top highlights from this season:

Making Chris Paul break dance

Trip and fall…and 1

Weaving through the defense

Doesn’t have to be on the court

Cold blooded

All Star crossover

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