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Melo and the Clippers

There is one team and one team only that Carmelo Anthony should be traded too and that is the Los Angeles Clippers. The notoriously hurt or choking Clippers have never recovered from that debacle against Houston two years ago in the Western Conference Semifinals. Untimely injuries to CP3 and Blake hurt them last year. This year they are dealing with similar injuries after a fast start outta the gates that had people questioning if the Clips were actually legit challengers to the Warriors this year.

The Clippers have cooled off and currently sit at the 4 seed with a record of 30-17 in the ever so competitive west. This team has not shown anything to make us believe they can actually compete with the Warriors and maybe the Spurs who they beat two years ago in the 1st round of the playoffs. However, making a move for Carmelo is worth the risk. The Clippers are already paying the second highest tax bill in the league behind the Cavs. Steve Ballmer has more than enough money and seems to be very interested in winning. Doc Rivers has nothing to lose either so why not change something up.

The Knicks are owned by a man who has shown he knows nothing about how to run a franchise. Phil Jackson calls the shots and forgets he won 11 rings with guys named Jordan, Pippen, Bryant and O’Neal to name a few. He has done about one thing right in his time and that was taking Porzingis when no one thought he would be able to do what he does. Other than that if I’m a Knicks fan I would be furious with the “job” he has done.

But there really is one man to blame for the Knicks situation itself and that is Anthony himself. He could have stayed in Denver for half of a season more and came over to New York in free agency. Instead he forced his way outta town before the trade deadline and made the Knicks give up draft picks and young talent that could have helped build around him. Imagine that Knicks team that was a 2 seed had those extra picks and players. Almost as worse as that was Melo taking the huge contract he signed a few years ago when he said he wanted to win. If he really cared about winning he would have allowed for there to be more money available for other players to help the team.

This brings up to present time where the Knicks want to move Carmelo and he should wave that no trade clause for only the Clippers. Whatever the Knicks want back in return is up to them and the financials would need to balance out as well. But the Knicks should be building around Kristaps as whatever window they thought they had with Carmelo never really opened.  Don’t hang onto an aging player who you can’t build around just because he’s owed an absurd amount of money. James Dolan has more than enough cash if he’s giving Phil 60 million to do his “job”.

The Clippers are not giving up any of their big three and would make a big four. There’s been talk for years about when should this team be blown up. Why not add Melo and see what happens this year. If the team looks promising enough and bows out in the conference finals Ballmer should give them one more year. Melo and CP3 are the best of friends. They could help each other make one last great run in the 2017-2018 season. If none of this works out then at least the Clippers tried. The current version of the Clippers will not win the West. Adding Melo will most likely not do anything to help them but it’s worth a shot. It would give the league another storyline to follow as well as a potential big four in L.A. At worst case the Clippers would learn from a Melo trade not working out to fully commit to blowing up the team and start from scratch. When there is nothing to lose there is no reason to not try. From this trade the Knicks and Clippers would get answers to question they have as well as expedite processes for the both of them.

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
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