Author Policy

An author is solely those whom an administrator of The Backfield Press has given permission to post freely under the digression of their assigned editor.


  1. An author must complete and publish a minimum of two articles every month. (This requirement is subject to change and may be different for every site in The Backfield Press network)
    • If an author is also a host of a radio show, that author will be required to complete and publish a minimum of 1 post every month as well as maintain their show page.
  2. When The Backfield Press network of sites becomes operational, all existing and new authors will be assigned an editor based on their preferences.
  3. The editor reserves the right to edit an author’s post within reason (reason will be determined by an administrator)
  4. Any complaints authors have with editors should be addressed by the supervising administrator of that editor.
  5. Administrators reserve the right to promote or demote authors based solely on writing related issues.
  6. Transparency
    • An author is not to edit a published article without the permission of their editor.
    • To correct a mistake on a published article, an author must state the mistake and correct it in the form of a statement. I.e. “Peyton Manning passed for 364 years in a win over the Steelers. CORRECTION: 320 yards.”
    • An author is NEVER to delete a published article
  7. An author must give photo credit to any photo appearing in their article.
  8. Review
    • Authors have the permission to publish articles freely without having an editor approve your article before hand.
    • Editors should review all published material by their team
    • If authors wish to have their material reviews before it is published, they can contact their editor to do so and they can access your article to read/edit it.