Staff Positions

The Backfield Press prides itself in creating a relaxed atmosphere for all writers. To do that we have a system of rank to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Network Super Administrators
    • Kevin Bridge and Eric Candee are the two Super Administrators who oversee everything going on inside The Backfield Press and are the co-owners of the website.
  • Site Administrators
    • The next step down are the administrators of the individual sites in The Backfield Press network of sites. There may be multiple administrator per site and each administrator is in charge of all operations on their assigned site. They will get first say on whether or not a new author will be added to their site before the application is sent to a super admin. They also have the final say in the decision to promote an author to an editor on their site.
  •  Editors
    • The next step are editors who act similarly to editors in a news room. Editors may be assigned a specific topic within a site such as fantasy football within the NFL site and some topics may be assigned two editors depending on how broad the topic and how many authors will be writing for that topic. Each editor(s) will be assigned a team of authors to write for their topic. Editors have free range in how they structure their team. Some may allow for free range in posting on anything within the topic while others may assign stories to authors on their team.
  • Authors
    • Authors have permissions to publish articles without the permission of editors or administrators. This allows us to publish articles in a timely fashion. That means that authors must act as their own editors when proofreading an article.